Parents Feedback


"When I leave Stella with Nicola and her staff I know that she is taken care of and will have a great time. They have so many fun things they do with the kids, even if they some weeks, just have a really small room to work in. They adjust so well to what they have from tournament to tournament."


Kram Sanna


“My thoughts on crèche out and miss Nicola in special: -; It's very special to have continuity during a very hectic way of living as we are always on the road. My children recognise Nicola and her staff and that's very good to see for a mother! Her Creche is very well organised, loving and clean! My children love it! It's also very nice to know that Nicola and her staff understand the way of living of the golfing families and the stress that comes with that. Creche out is a very important part of our lives on tour and one of the reasons we actually come out on tour following my husband!”

Kim Lafeber (wife of Maarten Lafeber)

“As a mother of two boys (5 y.o.s and 16 month) I have worked with Creche Out for 5 years.
After many many joyful and exciting hours there for my sons, I can only give my WARMEST recommendations on Creche out.

  • adorable and welcoming staff - same members throughout the years/events
  • very safe environment for the kids (as well as for the adults!!)
  • lots and lots of different activities tailored for individual ages and for boys/girls from new born until app 7-12 y.o.a
  • nice routines/rythms in daily programme
  • many outside activities
  • few kids per staff member

and BEST OF ALL ALL THE KIDS LOVE IT SO MUCH it almost impossible to drag them home after a day with creche out!!”


“My name is Sharon Wall. My husband plays on the European tour. We have two Boys who are 7 and 6. I would like to write a few words about Nicola and her staff at Creche Out. We have been using the services of crèche out since the children were very small. I can only say that they are the most caring and helpful girls who have ever looked after the boys. It has been a god send to know that when they are at a tournament that every thing will run smoothly for us as a family. I can highly recommend Nicola and her team as a regular events crèche to any organisation. It is important with children to have this kind of consistency in my opinion.”

Sharon Wall

“For me "Creche Out" is a magic word on Tour. I always choose to travel to tournaments where Creche Out is attending. What peace of mind following my husband on the course knowing that my children are having a lot of fun with Nicola and her staff!!
My children are so happy to see familiar faces when they arrive in a new place. Nicola and her staff are totally dedicated to the well being of our children and they really do a great job. We are very spoiled to have them on Tour!!”

Fabienne Cevaer

“Mom, why do we have to go to Legoland, I would much rather go to the Creche. It is so much more fun at Creche Out”

Casper Hansan 5 ½ years old

“Creche Out are a truly professional and friendly organisation, where the children?s welfare is their priority. They provide fun and laughter for the children and peace of mind to parents who put the trust of their children in their hands”

Jayne Nunley - Educational Development ESF Coordinator

Crèche Out