The current generation of children have a greater variety of toys than any generation before them, but sometimes these toys have such a defined purpose that they can limit children?s opportunities to explore and discover.

Creche Out are rolling out a fantastic new play experience for children based around exploring and discovering the world through the senses.

Sensory play enhances children’s development by encouraging sensory awareness and thinking skills. Through exploring and experimenting children build their own knowledge base, promoting awareness and confidence in their own abilities and decision making. This in turn enables them to become good self learners and problem solvers as they grow older.

The crèche out sensory experience will bring a large scale sensory dark room and light room to any setting. We can to cater to groups of up to 35 children depending on the space available and offer either free play sessions or mixed free play and structured sessions with interactive sensory activities.

“Many thanks to you and your team for all your hard work in setting up the Sensory Creche in our Pre-School. It was fantastic; the children had a wonderful morning exploring all of the resources. You have a fabulous selection of equipment, and provided myself and all of my staff with some great ideas that we are looking forward to implementing in our setting. The children particularly enjoyed the snow play, mirror boxes and the dark room with all of the lights and the doodleglow drawing boards were a big hit, along with the colour change bubble lights. We'd love to have you back at some time in the future and I really look forward to it!”

Danielle - Ashton Keynes Preschool

Crèche Out